Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Highlander Bar

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Highlander Bar


What’s the mission statement of Highlander Bar? We aim to present a tasty and fun feed where you go home happy with good food at a good price.

Tell us a bit about your menu. Our Scottish-inspired menu consists of a mixture of both classic and contemporary with wee bites and sides (perfect for snacking or sharing), burgers, meals and sweets. 

What’s the go-to move  for a first time visitor? Our famous Highlander burger  is definite favourite amongst our regulars.

How long does the kitchen stay open? The kitchen is open from 12-3pm and 5-10pm Monday to Friday.

Any specials we should take note of? Check out our $15 lunch specials that are always set to impress. We also provide cocktail style catering for our in house functions and events.

What’s some other burgers we should be getting down for? The Wee Bastard with spiced Wagyu beef patty, cheese, house pickles, mustard, whisky BBQ sauce, brioche bun and seasoned fries is a classic. For the more adventurous, try the Braveheart with black pudding, fried egg, bacon, leaves, sliced tomato and more. The Fat Bastard is also a good option with double Wagyu beef patty, double cheese, house pickles, whiskey BBQ sauce, mustard and a hearty side of fries.