Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Flame 400 Café and Burgers

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Flame 400 Café and Burgers


When was Flame 400 born? We launched early 2017 after managing a local McDonald’s for five years. A few team members made the move together, which has made sure we have the processes in place to handle the busy times as well as the quiet times.

What do you love about the Melbourne burger scene? We love how people will travel over two hours just to try something they have seen online. We ask all of our customers how they have heard of us and where they have come from. It is just amazing that we have had customers drive all the way from Bendigo because of a picture we posted on our Facebook.

Pickles, or no pickles? Always pickles.

How do you tackle the challenge of competing in a food hub like Melbourne? If you have a quality product and know how to get exposure, the rest will fall into place. The key ingredient is quality. Your customers will recommend your restaurant to their friends and will come back if you have a good product. Having customers with over 100k social media followers visit your venue also helps.

Share with us some exciting Flame 400 news. We have put our name forward for a few more shopping centre leases, so you could be seeing us in more areas very soon.

Do you accept complicated orders? What’s the craziest order you have received and made? Order what you want. Although we haven’t put together anything crazy at the moment, we will not shy away if you order it.