Beat’s best barbers: Smith Street Barber

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Beat’s best barbers: Smith Street Barber


Tell us about your shop. We’re a modern styled barber shop with a traditional theme. We’re pretty large, with five barber chairs and chesterfield couches to seat people waiting. The atmosphere is very relaxed, we have a TV, magazines, and the music is anything from ‘50s rockabilly to ‘90s pop.

When did you open your shop and how was the idea born? We opened in 1999 as a place for men to escape the salon experience as the barber industry was dying. We wanted to be a place where men could come and relax, have a beer and listen to great tunes without the unnecessary salon bullshit.

What services/treatments does your shop offer? We offer all types of barbering services at an affordable rate ranging from $15 – $40. We do all types of haircuts, from traditional short back and sides, to skin fades, unconventional abstract mullets, beard trims and wet shaves. We try to cater for all needs rather than just a certain crowd.

What are your top men’s grooming/maintenance tips? Keep your hair clean, it makes a huge difference to the end result of your haircut. Apply less product to it to begin with and add more as you go if necessary. Cut your hair regularly to maintain your style, and make sure to use the right product for your hair type.

What are your favourite/most popular styles of cut to do? We get a lot of skin fades, undercuts and traditional haircuts and lately we’ve been churning out a lot of mullets. Anything a little different from the norm is always a great fun to challenge our skill set.