Australia Day With… King Of The North

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Australia Day With… King Of The North


Where and when can we see you play on Australia Day?

Cherry Bar at about 10.30pm.


What three colours would you repaint the Australian Flag?

Green, gold and canary yellow.


What is a song or band that make you think, ‘Straya?

By an absolute mile, Cold Chisel! Lets face it, Khe Sanh is our national anthem. And we’ve played with them…so there!


Which of your songs would you replace Advance Australia Fair with?

You can’t relace it, I think Advance Australia Fair is a wonderful melody and it still gives me chills when I hear it. From a songwriting point of view, it’s a very well written song.


What Australian animal would you make your mascot and why?

Are ferrets Australian? Then we could write a song called Ferret On A Leash. A crocodile would be an apt King Of The North though? It’s a tough one.


Skippy or Weetbix?

Love roo, but who the fuck eats it for breaky? Maybe we’re not Aussie enough?


Which Australian city do you like performing in the most and why?

Bowral in the southern Highlands of N.S.W, where Don Bradman was born and Bordertown S.A ‘cause Bob Hawke was born there. Hawkey!


Why should everyone come and see your band on Australia Day?

Because the most Australian thing you can do on Australia Day (apart from going to the cricket) is have a BBQ, get pissed and go to the pub to see original Aussie rock! That and the fact that last Australia Day we played at Cherry and won us the Cherry award for Best Saturday Night In 2013. You do the math.