Australia Day With… The Bits

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Australia Day With… The Bits


Where and when can we see you play on Australia Day?

The night before at Whole Lotta Love, East Brunswick for our debut album launch. That way you can recover on Australia Day!


What three colours would you repaint the Australian Flag?

Black, yellow and red, also because it’s The Bits’ colours! 


What is a song or band that make you think, ‘Straya?

Midnight Oil – Power and The Passion


Which of your songs would you replace Advance Australia Fair with?

Truck Or Die (We Are The Bits). Buy it off iTunes and you’ll see why.


What Australian animal would you make your mascot and why?

Ringtail possum – personality and gumption!


Skippy or Weetbix?

Weetbix! They built a nation.


Which Australian city do you like performing in the most and why?

The city of Brunswick. Looking to make it a republic but Harry can still visit.


Why should everyone come and see your band on Australia Day?

Because we, our songs, our album, the bar we’re playing at and everything about us was made in Australia!