Audio-Technica’s ATH-TWX7 earbuds are small but mighty, with powerful noise cancelling and top tier audio

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Audio-Technica’s ATH-TWX7 earbuds are small but mighty, with powerful noise cancelling and top tier audio

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Words by Dhika Maheswara

Audio-Technica maintains its status as a top-drawer manufacturer with brand-new true wireless earbuds. 

If you are a musician, audio engineer or just an enthusiast, chances are you’ve at least heard of the Audio-Technica brand and rightfully so. Known for its state-of-the-art features and impeccable high-fidelity sound, the company’s ambitious, groundbreaking contributions have helped it garner a reputation for being one of the best in the industry. As of today, that dedication is more determined than ever. 

 Just like a lot of great brands, Audio-Technica started from modest beginnings, when founder Hideo Matsushita had to build up its name by selling phonograph cartridges and tonearms during the 1960s. Today, the Japanese brand is celebrating over 50 years of designing and manufacturing audio equipment. 

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During this time, a plethora of top-notch products marked with their iconic double triangles have been sold worldwide. This includes the game-changing turntables and the ubiquitous ATH-M50x monitor headphones, which have been used by top producers such as Kevin Parker, FINNEAS and Porter Robinson. 

The ATH-TWX7 is the brand’s latest addition to their lineup of hi-fi wireless earbuds. Staying true to their reputation for sound authenticity, the designers build upon the 5.8mm high-resolution drivers featured in the exemplary ATH-TWX9 model to create a faithful high-quality listening experience.  Couple that with extra support for 24-bit/96 kHz audio files, these compact little guys will let you hear all the ins and outs of your favourite songs in flawless fashion.  

The noise-cancelling here is superb as well. Its value comes from a digital hybrid technology driven by beamform microphones for taking calls and MEMS microphones for noise cancelling in each earbud.

This means that when you’re on a call with someone, that person will hear your words plain as day, even in loud surroundings. And the best part? Every aspect of this feature is easily customisable with a simple touch of the sensor, allowing you to choose between Natural Mode (for quiet or indoor settings) and Noise-Reduction Mode (for noisy outdoor settings).

Any audio that enters your ears will sound crystal clear with these, whether you’re taking a stroll, working out or travelling on public transportation. Plus, they’re nicely equipped with a built-in soundscape feature that plays audio designed for stress relief, such as tranquil nature sounds to aid in relaxation or ambient music for enhanced focus. 

As if all of that isn’t enough, the ATH-TWX7 earbuds can also be synchronised with the Audio-Technica CONNECT app which gives users access to many additional functions of the earphones including low latency mode, high-performance codecs, ambience control, EQ (including five presets), touch sensor settings and more. 

When it comes to the design, it’s obvious that these lovely earbuds were tailor-made with the user’s ease and comfort in mind. They’re small and dense, coming with eight different ear-tips (four extra-soft, four silicone), free to put on and off as you see fit. The sleek charging case slips effortlessly into any purse or back pocket, making these earbuds perfect for high-quality audio on the go. 

Next to that, the battery life can last up to six and a half hours and up to 20 with the non-slip portable charging case. They are also supplied with IPX4 water-resistant protection, which allows them to power through rain, accidental splashes and sweat. Don’t worry about aging or durability – these earbuds are in it for the long haul. 

Seriously though, what more could you want in such small devices? They’re portable, tough and do everything you need for the perfect listening experience. Time and time again Audio-Technica has proven that it does not miss, and the ATH-TWX7 earbuds are yet another impressive showcase of their expertise.  

 You can get these earbuds now on the Audio-Technica website for RRP $369 in Ash Black (BK) and Stone Gray (GY), with JB Hi-Fi and other retailers also currently stocking the product on their shelves. 

For more information and to pick up a pair for yourself, head here.