Audio-Technica Australia launch Keep Spinning, an initiative selling locally-designed slipmats for charity

Audio-Technica Australia launch Keep Spinning, an initiative selling locally-designed slipmats for charity

‘Keep Spinning’ sees the tech giant working with some incredible artists to help give back to the causes they care about.

There’s no denying that it’s been a really strange start to the 2020’s. Full of long days where the only thing that would get us by was to put on our favourite record and just keep on spinning…

Inspired by the resilience of the arts and music communities, the tech gurus and music devotees over at Audio-Technica (worldwide group of companies creating high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixers and electronic products for home, travel and professional use) have introduced a new fundraising initiative that keeps the music playing, support some incredible Aussie artists and gives back to those who need it most.

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Introducing ‘Keep Spinning’, a collaboration between the tech giant and Aussie artists, creating original slipmats with funds going directly to charity.

Each unique slipmat has been designed with one goal in mind, to look epic mounted on your wall, and even better spinning on your turntable – with all proceeds going directly to the artist’s chosen charity.

There are four amazing slipmats from four amazing artists to choose from.

Audio-Technica mainstay Sindy Sinn is an illustrator dude, mural artist, heavy metal fan, silly bugger and bottomless pit of rad ideas. Equal parts bold and deranged, his designs have been adapted for all sorts of illustrative branding. From logos and tour merch to murals and everything in between, each with its own loud and fun style and a sense of spontaneous energy.

Featuring his iconic skull bursting out of a sea of flames, this badass slipmat looks like it was ripped straight off Ghost Rider’s torso, and purchases for this one will see funds going towards the absolute legends at Support Act.

Known in the Australian Street Art and Graffiti scene as a muralist and multidisciplinary creative, Jaz Mishap really brought colour, life and fun to Keep Spinning! Featuring one of her iconic, mind-altering designs, Mishap’s epic slipmat will be sure to turn heads no matter which way you spin it.

Mishap’s slipmat will be supporting her close friends and the wonderful team at Shine Cambodia.

Born and raised in a rural fishing village in Toyama, Japan, Kentaro Yoshida has made a name for himself thanks to his pastel toned artwork has bold line-work, quirky characters, and a beach-side sense of humour. Taking his iconic ‘yin and yang’ motif to another level and depicting what we can only describe as a high-fidelity rumble in the jungle, Kenny’s slipmat is as wild and chaotic as the music we love to listen to.

Whoever puchases Kenny’s slipmat will be helping raise funds for Bush Heritage Australia.

Lastly, tattoo artist Sera Helen also joins the Keep Spinning intiative. Known for using fine lines she brings together soft, intricate details with more bold, hard and sharp elements, Sera has captured the essence of old school heavy metal mags and combined it with her iconic style to create a slipmat that looks like the love child of Dio’s Holy Diver and Judas Priest’s Painkiller. Bursting with colour and energy, this slipmat will look just as good hanging from your wall as it would spinning on your turntable.

A proud advocate for Indigenous rights, Sera has chosen to support The Dhadjowa Foundation with her slipmat.

While scoring an epic slipmat and donating to charity is pretty good in itself, anyone who purchases a Keep Spinning slipmat between now and April 30 will go in the draw to win an AT-LP60xBT Fully Automatic Bluetooth Turntable.

There’s only 90 slipmats per artist so you better act quick.

You can check out the designs and purchase a slipmat from the Audio-Technica Australia website here