These Idle Hands make a luminous debut with their Americana-tinged LP, ‘Petrichor’

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These Idle Hands make a luminous debut with their Americana-tinged LP, ‘Petrichor’

This record will pull you in and hold you close like a warm, familiar embrace.

Alt-folk collective These Idle Hands have revealed their debut LP Petrichor. Hailing from Queensland’s Gold Coast, These Idle Hands is a collaborative union of musicians whose sound is best described as impressionistic Americana.

Petrichor puts the band’s penchant for illustrative balladry and introspective songwriting front and centre, melding soaring violin melodies with bellowing double bass amidst a striking palette of sonic elements.

Thematically, the record explores various facets of the human condition, ranging from anxieties amidst the COVID-19 crisis to the almost universal struggle to allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable.

The word petrichor describes the smell of rain, particularly after a long dry spell, and stands as the perfect embodiment of this record. Like raindrops quenching the parched earth, the record trickles through in welcomed bursts. Each note is considered, often coming together to create warm layers of sonic bliss and, at other times, remaining purposefully restrained to create a sense of spaciousness.

Fluid and luminous, Petrichor is a stunning debut from the Currumbin-based sextet.

Petrichor is out now. Listen to it here

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