Alex G announces new album and releases new single ‘Runner’

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Alex G announces new album and releases new single ‘Runner’

Alex G

Singer, songwriter and producer Alex G releases new single ‘Runner’ alongside a video clip – as well as announcing the release of his ninth studio album.

The Philadelphia singer, songwriter and producer’s highly anticipated upcoming album God Save the Animals is set to be released on September 23, promising to be more dynamic than ever in its sonic palette. His ninth studio album to date, the announcement comes with the release of his new single ‘Runner’ and its accompanying video.

What you need to know

  •  Alex G has just released new single ‘Runner’ and its accompanying video clip
  • A breezy rock tune, it takes inspiration from the works of Tom Petty
  • The release comes alongside the announcement of his heavily anticipated ninth studio album, God Save the Animals, out September 23

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Shot by Colin Acchione, the video clip features an affectionate performance by Alex G and his bandmates Sam Acchione, Molly Germer, John Heywood and Tom Kelly.

A breezy rock rune in the style of Tom Petty, the video is styled after Petty’s video for ‘The Waiting’. With heartfelt lyrics, singalong vocals and an enthusiastic howl mid-bridge, ‘Runner’ stands out as one of Alex G’s most inviting songs to date.

Alex Giannascoli, performing under the stage name Alex G, is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who built a reputation for himself with his lo-fi pop. Combining melodic sensibilities with a ragged, impulsive sounding performance style, he released his first, home-recorded album in 2014. Idiosyncratic and turbulent, he’s known for his experiments with recordings and noise.

With guitar work appearing on the Frank Ocean albums Endless and Blond, he’s appeared onstage with Ocean amid his headlining tour dates. His latest album, House of Sugar, released in 2019, with his upcoming album God Save the Animals set to be his ninth studio album.

‘Runner’ is out under Domino Recording Co. You can pre-order his latest album, God Save the Animals, by heading here