Video premiere: Damn The Maps’ new video is the infomercial throwback we all need right now

Video premiere: Damn The Maps’ new video is the infomercial throwback we all need right now

Damn the Maps
Words by Lucas Radbourne

Melbourne alternative indie-rock duo Damn the Maps have released their new single and video for 'Buy', tackling consumerism in lockdown.

Damn The Maps is the seasoned duo Martin Green and Nick Riley, who have been playing together for almost 20 years and producing albums and videos since 2009.

Their new single ‘Buy’ is the third release from their upcoming fourth album, The Sleepwalker Menu, which is due for release in early 2022.

It’s also their 30th music video, as the pair utilise the restraints of Melbourne lockdowns to tap into the collective experience of Netflix, Playstation and endless online shopping.

“It’s a song about how our thirst for knowledge is gradually eroding and is being replaced by consumerism as the internet finds smarter and sneakier ways to bombard us with advertising,” the pair explain.

What you need to know

  • Damn the Maps are a Melbourne alternative indie-rock duo that have been playing for nearly 20 years
  • They’ve just released their third single from their upcoming fourth album
  • The Sleepwalker Menu will be released in early 2022

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“The video is a day in the life of an infomercial character stuck in lockdown. It’s a throwback to the old black and white ‘infomercial fails’, where the main character cannot perform even the simplest task, and only the advertised product can provide some small moment of relief from their suffering.

“We tried to come up with the most trivial problems and make the dumbest inventions out of the things we bought,” Martin says. “We took some inspiration from the Cinco range of products.

“We feel that people will resonate with the whole lockdown feel of the video; especially people who live alone, and who have celebrated their birthdays and life events alone.”

Damn the Maps filmed ‘Buy’ entirely under lockdown, using things Martin found at a local op shop in regional Victoria and around the house.

The band admit that while they’ve been prolific throughout COVID-19, they’re looking forward to returning to collaborating with others.

“I’m sure that we are one of many bands adapting to the new normal of recording our musical parts in our studios at home, working together regularly over Skype and sending mixes backwards and forwards,” Martin continues.

“Our last 3 videos have been made under lockdown. Its quite tough coming up with interesting ideas that require no crew and where the props and supplies can be ordered online.

“I certainly miss the days of filming with a team on location.”

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