After 17 episodes and endless laughter, the first season of ‘Ferg Goes Live’ has come to a close

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After 17 episodes and endless laughter, the first season of ‘Ferg Goes Live’ has come to a close

Aunty Donna and Alex The Astronaut
Words by Tom Parker

The final two episodes of the podcast’s first season are here, featuring chats with Thundamentals and Fergus James.

Since the beginning of lockdown, Beat’s resident comedian Fergus Neal has left listeners in stitches with his goofy observations and commentary as part of our Ferg Goes Live series. We first broadcast the series on Instagram Live, as a way of checking in with musicians, comedians, philosophers, the co-founder of Netflix, among others, to see how they were faring during the crisis.

The concept then grew and became its own podcast that’s since been streamed across Apple, Spotify and all your good podcast apps, earning strong reviews across the board.

While the series has inherently had its comedic edge, it’s been enlightening and informative all the same. Hitting the right notes at the right time, Ferg lifted the lid on some fascinating truths. We explored the artistic entity of Wil Anderson, uncovering how the comedian works and where he finds contentment in his work.

Through a chat with Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph, we were given a window into how the streaming giant began and learned of the early rivalry between Netflix and Blockbuster – the latter company had a $50 million offer on the table to buy Netflix but turned it down.

Then there was our hilarious conversation with comedy trio Aunty Donna. All original plans were thrown out the window when Broden Kelly forgot to show up for the interview. Luckily enough, Mark Bonanno jumped on the call after stumbling upon the live stream as he randomly scrolled through Instagram. As Ferg put it in his caption for the podcast, “This podcast was not meant to happen. But Mark Bonanno made it happen. God bless you, Mark Bonanno.”

Elsewhere in the series, we got the scoop on the new DMA’s, Cub Sport and Alice Ivy albums, while we also chatted to other emerging artists such as Carla Geneve, Maddy Jane, Alex The Astronaut and Sub Urban. Triple j kings The Rubens were also welcomed onto the show while interviews with Fergus James and Thundamentals make up the series’ final two episodes.

Check it all out below.

You can now find all 17 episodes of Season One of the Ferg Goes Live podcast via Spotify and Apple.

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