A Room For You

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A Room For You

Estaria & Tilly VW present A Room for You, an intimate evening of stunning live bands, DJs, projected visuals and local live art at Melbourne’s elusive hidden venue, the Norla Dome at Mission to Seafarers.

A Room For You is a magical all-evening event with two immersive stages. In the dancehall, shake out your heartache to Tilly VW’s alluring downtempo ballads, where her 4-piece band will be debuting her anticipated cinematic EP. In the Dome, float away in the dreamscape of Sicu and her piano’s cascading wall of sound. Sit amongst the floor cushions with DJ sets by Nak and Elsie and cast your eyes skyward to surreal light projections by local artists, Neo.Cogito and Hermann studios. Later, wander back to the dancehall to find yourself possessed by San of the Rambutan; the sultry, cinematic 10-piece madness.

Throughout the evening, catch Melbourne artists Mandy Singh, Darling Boy, Luka Lesosky Hay and Swils painting in their element.

Bring your dancing shoes, your sketch pad, your friends, your crochet, your book. All are welcome at A Room For You.