A month of meditation: Melbourne Recital Centre’s October program is full of calming soundscapes

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A month of meditation: Melbourne Recital Centre’s October program is full of calming soundscapes

Credit: James Henry
Words by Luke Carlino

From baroque to neoclassical and jazz, these performances are designed to transport you to another realm of ambient atmospherics.

If life has been a little hectic lately, October is your month to recalibrate with Melbourne Recital Centre’s October program. The playlist offers a range of artists and genres that encourage you to switch off and get lost in the power of musical exploration.

Expect a range of performances designed specifically for these one-off events covering classical, jazz, African percussion mixed with New York and Chicago house and more, all encouraging you to lose yourself at Melbourne Recital Centre this October.

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Latitude 37 – Meditations

  • When: October 3
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon
  • Tickets here


It’s an evening of mindfulness with Latitude 37, who use traditional Baroque music to create a meditative musical experience. Using the baroque violin, viola da gamba, and organ, expect a relaxed and sonically beautiful experience that covers a range of works from artists such as Rognoni, Bassano, and Selma y Salaverde. 

The critically acclaimed trio will also be showcasing a piece specially commissioned by Australian composer and pianist Luke Howard. This is the peak of world-class Australian baroque, designed to calm your mind and soul.

Cam Butler & His Orchestra – Strings Music

  • When: October 6
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon
  • Tickets here


Cam Butler will launch his new album, Strings Music, with a whole bunch of strings, popularly referred to as an orchestra, on October 6. The album features revised and re-recorded pieces from Butler’s extensive catalogue, heard for the first time with a string quartet.

The experience will be amplified by video projections that visually expand Butler’s genre-blending, modern classical sound. Expect a night of sweeping sonic journeys that will to take you somewhere new for the evening.

Nat Bartsch – Hope Renewed

  • When: October 17
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon
  • Tickets here


Double ARIA-nominated pianist and composer Nat Bartsch brings her neoclassical/jazz meditative soundscapes to the Melbourne Recital Centre to celebrate her latest album, Hope Renewed. The record is a jazz/post-rock reinterpretation of 2021’s Hope, which will be explored with a jazz quartet and special guest, Mary Doumany.

While Hope was about feelings of confinement, the revisitation was about the freedom that followed. So expect bigger soundscapes, brighter tones, and a musical experience for existing fans and newcomers alike.

Brenda Gifford & Ensemble Offspring – Wadhu/Skin 

  • When: October 18
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon
  • Tickets here


Brenda Gifford’s award-winning 2023 Merlyn Myer Music Commission Wadhu/Skin sees its world premiere at Melbourne Recital Centre this October. This thought-provoking journey explores music, language, and storytelling backed by 60,000 years of Yuin Country culture. Journey through the Australian environment, its seasonal changes and the intricate web of human connection. 

Gifford’s ensemble composition explores the depths of her cultural heritage and the interconnectedness of human experience via a range of intricate instrumentation. Be the first to experience it live.

YO CiTY Brotha Asanti & Soulectric – I Was Born this Way

  • When: October 19
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon
  • Tickets here


The most energetic part of Melbourne Recital Centre’s October program comes with Soulectric’s exploration of African percussion mixed with New York and Chicago House. Zimbabwean-born composer, producer, and music director Brotha Asanti’s infectious rhythms are brought to life with live instrumentation and a range of surprise performers.

This underground dance journey celebrates the culture of South African percussion and the electronic beats of New York and Chicago’s underground clubs. Sound like a fun mix? It is, get ready to dance.

Charles Maimarosia

  • When: October 21
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon
  • Tickets here

Solomon Islands vocalist Charles Maimarosia seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary genres like folk, world music, and pop via deeply expressive performances. Mix his soulful vocals with his chops on the guitar, and it’s easy to see why people are truly captivated by his performances.

Experience this for yourself as Charles brings a range of traditional instruments to Melbourne Recital Centre for a new performance of poetic storytelling that will have you hooked on every note.

Duo Eclettico – Magic

  • When: October 31
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon
  • Tickets here


The saxophone and piano for a range of works from South Africa and Australia for Duo Eclettico’s new performance. Exploring pieces from Hendrik Hofmeyr, Ross Edwards, Caerwen Martin and more, Duo Eclettico’s unique delivery creates an engaging experience to get lost in.

Expect some hefty dynamics as the duo guides you through the realms of the magical, ethereal, and demonic with their involved interpretations and new commissions.

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This article was made in partnership with Melbourne Recital Centre.