A huge new creative program is bringing live music and art installations to 40 Melbourne laneways

A huge new creative program is bringing live music and art installations to 40 Melbourne laneways

Image by Nicole Reed
Words by Kate Streader

Flash Forward will engage over 80 Melbourne music acts and visual artists.

City of Melbourne and the Victorian government have launched a new initiative to reinvigorate the CBD post-2020. Titled Flash Forward, the creative laneways project will see 40 Melbourne laneways transformed with art installations and music performances.

What you need to know

  • Flash Forward will be free to the public
  • The program, delivered through the Working for Victoria initiative, has already created more than 150 jobs
  • Work will commence on six laneways over the coming weeks

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The project comes as part of the Victorian government’s initiative to revitalise the city and create new jobs, with 80 music acts and visual artists primed to transform laneways city-wide with live performances, murals, and creative installations.

So far, the project has created over 150 jobs for designers, music producers, technicians, maintenance workers, lighting specialists, and graphic designers.

Russell Place marks the first laneway to be completed as part of the project, with work to commence on Hughs Lane, Smythe Lane, Evans Lane, Drewery Lane, Finlay Alley, and Corrs Lane over the next few weeks.

Flash Forward will focus on some of Melbourne’s lesser-known laneways in a bid to bring Melburnians to parts of the city that receive less foot traffic.

By encouraging people to visit the city, the project hopes to create a flow-on effect in which shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in the CBD also receive more visitors.

Flash Forward will feature live music performances from the likes of Mo’Ju, Grace Cummings, Emma Donovan & the Putbacks, The Merindas, Dianas, Mindy Meng Wang, and more.

On the arts front, you can expect to see works by Celeste Mountjoy, Yandell Walton, Olana Janfa, Nick Azidis, and a bunch of other celebrated and emerging visual artists.

For more information, visit the Flash Forward website