A festival inside Laneway Festival

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A festival inside Laneway Festival


There’s a brand new addition to 2018’s Laneway Festival lineup – block party. Block Party is a wild street party inside Laneway Festival. The concept pays homage to the original Laneway parties held in Caledonian Lane in 2004.

“There was such a creative, magic feeling at the original Laneway Festivals,” says Laneway co-founder, Danny Rogers. “I think it was because of the spontaneity it had. I wanted to recreate that same feeling at the 2018 event and this idea just made total sense. We booked the lineup over three days and it came together perfectly. I was already very excited for this year’s Laneway, but Block Party turns things up to a whole new level.”

“I Oh You was spawned through a series of house parties that were thrown in my share house a few years back,” adds I Oh You’s Johann Ponniah. “I’m not exactly sure how we ended up here but in many ways it feels like Block Party is going to capture the same energy that those initial parties had.”

Red Bull, Laneway and I Oh You have a history of collaborating for festival stages and events celebrating music. Block Party is the newest collab between them and will be featuring sets from up and coming electronic artists.

The Melbourne lineup consists of Basenji, Haiku Hands, Jesswar, Lucy Cliché, Otologic, UV boi, and Willaris. K.