60 Seconds With San Cisco

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60 Seconds With San Cisco


“My name is Josh Biondillo and I play in a band called San Cisco.”

What’s your name, And the name of your band…


"My name is Josh Biondillo and I play in a band called San Cisco."

And what do you do in the band?


"I write songs, play electric guitar, keyboard and sing."


Who else have you and your band closely worked with?


"Our latest recordings were recorded at Blackbird studios. They are to be released on our first ever EP, which is entitled Golden Revolver. Steven Schram mixed and produced these tracks along side Matty Chequer, who performed magic with our music. As a band, writing with over 17 years of musical influence has bought different tastes and influences into our music which has created very mixed sounds. The beauty of having someone like Steve Schram is that he has been able to make our music sound similar between songs. Before we recorded the EP, our songs were a combination of lots of different influences and people couldn’t really listen to it and recognise it as our music."

When did you form the band or did it just stumble upon you?


"Jordi and I went to school together and had intentions of joining forces musically for a while before San Cisco formed and had been jamming and writing songs in the hope that we could play live to an audience some day. Around the same time Jordi had begun jamming with Scarlett and coming together triangularly was a natural occurrence. When we organised some recording time we needed some bass so we called on the funksmith that is Nick Gardner and he got his funk on real nice and good."

What was the driving force behind the idea?


"From early on we had developed a good chemistry as a band and there were some good songs that pretty much wrote themselves. We thought that if we could keep this up that maybe playing together in a band might work. Lots of gigs began to arise and before we knew it we were all in a band together. I think the main driving force is the good news. When we get good gig offers, radio play etc. It compels us to want to make music."

Were has the name come from?


"The name came from a conversation. It was part of a long list of potential band names and it turned out to be the one that sounded best in our ears."

Do you think that you have achieved what you set out to do?


"At the moment we can’t really unleash our fury on the whole music thing until Jordi finishes school, but I think, considering how long we have been doing music and playing in a band, things are going alright. And having just recently recorded this EP, this has brought on some of the things that we would like to have achieved as a band."

What makes you happiest about what you’re doing?


"Contributing to the local music scene which has a rich history and we’re happy/proud to be part of it. Also making music which we actually like and constantly learning about the extensive world of music."

When are you doing your thing next?


"Supporting Stonefield at The Tote on Thursday February 17, then Fuse Festival in Adelaide on Friday February 18."