36 things every Melburnian has said

36 things every Melburnian has said

Image by Annie Spratt
Words by Charisa Bossinakis

Have you said any of the below?

Melbourne is an iconic city rich in art and culture, but admittedly, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the city’s ever-shifting trends. Nevertheless, Melbourne is the land of opportunity and is a melting pot of diversity; it’s filled with unmatched attractions in theatres, gardens, food precincts, rooftop bars, galleries, street art and is even the proud home of the dim sim. The idiosyncrasy that envelopes the city has also paved the way for some classic phrases many of us locals find ourselves uttering on a regular basis, whether by design or accident.

So without further ado, here’s a list of the shit every Melburnian has said.

**no avocado jokes were used in the making of this list**

1. This place does the best coffee

2. I’m broke, so let’s do $4 pizzas at Bimbo/Lucky Coq

3. This one time at the Revs smoker’s area…

4. She’s bold (after tasting a pinot gris)

5. I’ll be let into heaven before I get into Chin Chin

6. Do you have soy milk?

7. I’m going to do the F45 free trial

8. Who’s hosting Grand Final Day?

9. I thought this was the free tram zone **to ticket inspector**

10. Me: “Nice jacket!” Friend: “Yeah, just got it from Savers”

11. Can we just meet on Chapel Street? (every Southsider ever)

12. I’m having drinks at Naked In The Sky. Come! (every Northsider ever)

13. You going to Meredith?

14. Can I borrow your lighter?

15. Hanoi Hannah does authentic Vietnamese food

16. Can you see me? I’m near the Flinders steps

17. What vegan options do you have?

18. Where to now? Yah Yah’s?

19. Where to now? Rev’s?

20. I’m only going to the Queen Vic Market for the jam donuts

21. Traffic on Punt Road is the worst

22. Fed Square doesn’t look like a shed!

23. Let’s do the 30-day offer at Bikram

24. Who’s playing at The Tote tonight?

25. Pho or ramen?

26. Sun’s out, let’s have beers at Eddy Gardens

27. Sorry I’m late, my train was delayed/cancelled

28. Why is this line so long? (at Messina)

29. Doesn’t he play for Collingwood? (at Arcadia)

30. Me: “I’ve got a first date on Friday, where should I go?” Friend: “Surely the NGV. Their new exhibition is sick!”

31. I’m starting a new band

32. Canning Street is the best street in Melbourne to ride down

33. The only reason I go to Bunnings is for the snags

34. Can I roll a ciggy?

35. Who’s playing at the G this weekend?

36. Can the other states lay off? Some off us Melburnians were actually social distancing #notallmelburnians

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