Worriers : Survival Pop

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Worriers : Survival Pop


Worriers second full-length LP Survival Pop is a 12-track concept album filled with themes of anxiety, reminiscing and reflecting on past mistakes and feelings.

With a lo-fi and raw sound that flows throughout the album, on each track singer and songwriter Lauren Denitzio sings about happier times, that subsequently ended, how she felt afterwards and what she could have done. Stylistically many of the songs sound cheery and upbeat, even with the sad and reflective lyrical content. However, things are changed up with ‘Not Your Type featuring a nice guitar solo, ‘Gas Lighter starting things off with a groovy guitar riff and ‘No thanks having a catchy bass intro, which was good to hear some different music elements added to the album.

Open Heart’ finishes the album and wraps up all the thoughts laid out on the table throughout the album, giving a word of advice to the listener saying, “Go through life with an open heart…Be prepared to live and let go.”

Survival Pop deals with the internal struggle and pain of realising what you could have done better and wishing things didn’t turn out the way they did, it leaves you with a feeling of “Yeah things are fucked up, but I can overcome this”.