In the mood for a cult classic? Wong Kar Wai’s hits are set to screen at Cinema Nova

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In the mood for a cult classic? Wong Kar Wai’s hits are set to screen at Cinema Nova

wong kar wai
Fallen Angels

On Thursday nights in May and June, the historic cinema will pay tribute to the work of the beloved Hong Kong film figure.

You can’t talk about the greats of modern filmmaking without referencing Wong Kar Wai.

The director, screenwriter and producer has left a lasting impact on the industry, inspiring filmmaking giants from Sofia Coppola to Barry Jenkins and winning the hearts of international critics, film aficionados and Tumblr aesthetic pages everywhere.

In The Mood For Wong Kar Wai at Cinema Nova

  • May 25 – Chungking Express, 7pm
  • June 1 – Fallen Angels, 7pm
  • June 8 – Happy Together, 7pm
  • June 15 – In The Mood For Love, 7pm

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This month, Cinema Nova will be highlighting some of the director’s most beloved works. On Thursday evenings, fans will have the chance to see the iconic films on the big screen.

Wong Kar Wai has been heralded as the father of Hong Kong New Wave cinema.

Revered for his unique, watercolour-like visuals, his intimate nonlinear storytelling style and his evocative soundtracks, Wong Kar Wai’s work is distinctly his own.

He rose to public prominence with the 1994 break-out hit Chungking Express, a romantic crime film that touched on themes of love and loneliness.

His following piece, Fallen Angels, became a cult classic, showcasing the dark side of Hong Kong and building the director’s fan base across the world.

Happy Together, Kar-Wai’s 1997 release, took a political turn, focusing on the romance of two gay men who travel to Argentina to to to work on their relationship.

Its successor, In the Mood for Love, explores themes of hidden desire through a pair of neighbours who realise their partners are cheating on them.

Cinema Nova will be showcasing the updated versions of the 35mm film classics, restored by the Criterion Collection and approved by the director himself, with added vibrancy and detail.

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