Winterbeats Soundsystem Returns

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Winterbeats Soundsystem Returns


Actually, I definitely can, because the weather these past few days has been nothing short of disgusting, but I digress. Just because the weather’s getting particularly inhospitable and the nights long doesn’t exactly mean that Melbourne’s party business is down and out – especially with the city’s biggest indoor event on the season getting ready to land again soon. Winter Beats Soundsystem is returning for another year with a typically eclectic lineup, with fans of techno, glitch, electro, dubstep, drum and bass, trance, progressive and minimal all covered and headliners such as Perfect Stranger, Vibe Tribe, Optimus Gryme, Crushington, and plenty more ready to get you all dancing through the long, cold nights. Screw staying at home with the heater on full blast, a session on the dancefloor sounds like the best way to keep warm this winter to us!