Winter Trivia Special: SoundStorm Trivia

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Winter Trivia Special: SoundStorm Trivia


Why did you first start SoundStorm and how was the idea born? We began as a weekly trivia night at the Mitre Tavern in 2003. I was doing a course in radio and doing some work at 3AW when the pub rang the radio school to see if anyone wanted to host their night – and the rest is history.

What sets your trivia nights apart from the pack? The three things that come to mind are format, professionalism and trust. Our format is a more traditional night without the use of TV screens or DVD questions. Our nights are professionally run and well-choreographed with a more corporate feel rather than a uni night, and regarding trust, we have a “no swear” policy so companies know what they are getting and don’t need to be on edge wondering what the host is going to say next.

What companies have you worked with in the past? We work regularly with major banks as well as financial institutions and law firms. We can cater for companies from any background, from tradies to retirement homes. United Airlines use us each year and we provide The Spirit of Tasmania with the trivia entertainment for passengers onboard their day sails.

What’s the hardest trivia question you’ve got to challenge us with? We don’t generally ask questions that are “too hard” or “too easy”. Our questions are written to evoke conversation amongst teams. One of my favourites is: “The three heaviest living land animals in order are the elephant, the rhino and the hippo. What’s the fourth heaviest living land animal?” A: Giraffe.