Winter masterpieces and cosplay heroes: What’s heading to ACMI this month

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Winter masterpieces and cosplay heroes: What’s heading to ACMI this month

Two Girls From Amoonguna

Immerse yourself in ACMI's winter program, with everything from the revolutionary women of cinema to superheroes, cosplay, captivating animation and unforgettable film programs.


Making its way to ACMI as part of their Winter Masterpieces program, this extraordinary showcase pays homage to the revolutionary women who have shaped the world of cinema and offers a unique and inclusive experience through a range of tours including curator-lead deep-dives, Auslan and audio-described tours as well as relaxed sessions.

Curated by Bethan Johnson, ACMI’s Goddess: Power, Glamour, Rebellion is an ode to the incredible artists who challenged conventions, defied expectations, and transcended stereotypes. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by the fearless creativity and unwavering spirit of these goddesses who continue to shape the world of cinema well into the 21st century.

Goddess Nights

Step into the Goddess Nights, a series of vibrant and transformative events held after hours. Immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere, featuring live music and performances celebrating fearless creativity and expertise within the craft. Taking place on July 27 and September 28, these events are set to boast an electric lineup featuring:

July 27: Kalyani, Komang, Khya, Mothafunk

Sept 28: Claddy, Brown Suga Princess, Glo, and a back to back from C.FRIM and Mirasia

Goddess Sundays Film program

For film enthusiasts, the Goddess Sundays film program is a must-attend event. Each Sunday afternoon, the program showcases contemporary and classic films that spotlight the revolutionary leading ladies of cinema. From Promising Young Woman to Muriel’s Wedding to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, these powerful cinematic experiences challenge industry and audience expectations. Experience the magic of these films on the big screen and witness the exceptional talent that defied stereotypes.

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Superheroes, fandoms and the art of cosplay

ACMI is set to present an extraordinary panel of pop culture aficionados. Before the costumes from Thor: Love and Thunder bid farewell, this event offers a unique opportunity to explore the intricate relationship between superheroes and their devoted fans.

Joining the panel are esteemed experts who have dedicated their careers to studying and celebrating fan culture. Liam Burke, an Associate Professor in Screen Studies at Swinburne University of Technology, brings his extensive knowledge of comic books, superheroes, and fan culture to the discussion.

Cienan Muir, a Yorta Yorta/Ngarrindjeri man, offers a unique perspective on Aboriginal representation in media as the Director of the Australian chapter of Indigenous Comic Con and Founder of the Indiginerd pop culture platform. Passionate about showcasing Indigenous voices in film, video games, and comic books, Cienan’s insights shed light on the importance of diverse representation within fan communities.

Heidi Brooks, also known as HeidzDee, brings her expertise in costuming to the panel. Her formal training in costuming and her work for renowned institutions like The Australian Ballet and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child add expertise and artistry to the discussion.

Completing the panel is Dr. Naja Later, an academic tutor at Swinburne University. Dr. Later’s research sheds light on how cultural icons can be powerful tools for addressing and examining broader societal themes.

Come in your best superhero cosplay to this panel which promises a lively and engaging conversation about the mainstreaming of fan culture, the impact of cosplay as a form of activism and its connection to the fashion world – there’s even a prize for best costume of the day.

Two Girls From Amoonguna

Two Girls From Amoonguna is a captivating exhibition that tells the intertwining stories of friendship and resilience through the medium of animation. This extraordinary project showcases the artistic talents of Arrernte and Southern Luritja artist Sally M Nangala Mulda and Arrernte and Western Arrarnta artist Marlene Rubuntja, both of whom have become renowned for their distinctive and representative works inspired by their home in Mparntwe/Alice Springs.

Film Programs 

ACMI’s upcoming film program showcases two extraordinary events that will captivate cinephiles and fans of exceptional storytelling.

First, experience the magic of Thelma & Louise as it returns to the big screen in a new 4K digital restoration following its unveiling at Cannes. Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon deliver unforgettable performances as Thelma and Louise, two women who embark on a journey that takes an unexpected turn, transforming their weekend getaway into a thrilling escape across the American south-west. This 1991 classic subverts the traditional buddy-outlaw film, directed by Ridley Scott, offering a refreshing perspective and a powerful exploration of female friendship and empowerment.

Next, immerse yourself in the world of acclaimed filmmaker Jane Campion with Jane Campion: Her Way. This celebration of Campion’s trailblazing career highlights her lyrical, genre-defying and feminist films – from the groundbreaking The Piano, which earned her the distinction of being the first woman to win the Palme d’Or at Cannes, to the captivating and diverse works like An Angel at My Table, In the Cut and The Power of the Dog. With an unabashed feminist lens, she crafts captivating narratives that defy conventions and resonate deeply with audiences.


Shadow Spirit Artists Talks

Embark on a journey through the mystical realms of Shadow Spirit: Sky Country, Dreamscapes, and uncovering histories. Join the curator, Kimberley Moulton, and the artists as they delve into the creative processes behind their works. Discover the rich cultural narratives, imaginative stories, and hidden histories that inspired these ambitious and evocative artworks. Explore the influence of dreams and the vastness of sky country as the artists share their unique perspectives in this captivating conversation.

Ludo in Conversation

Join ACMI’s curator and Ludo Studios for Ludo in conversation, where the powerhouse animation studio behind the beloved series Bluey shares their collaboration with two esteemed First Nations artists. Discover the poignant and uplifting story of friendship and resilience brought to life by Ludo Studios in the six minute animated film featured in the exhibition Two Girls from Amoonguna at ACMI.

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