Will Confidence Man ever miss a beat with their dance-filled hedonistic pop?

Will Confidence Man ever miss a beat with their dance-filled hedonistic pop?

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Words by Marnie Vinall
Pics by David Harris

This was one huge dance party. 

To kick off the long weekend, Confidence Man put on their best white attire and kicked off this year’s Zoo Twilights series in party fashion. And I’m sure all in attendance could attest, it was just a very fun time.

As soon as the doors opened at 5:30pm, many families, couples holding picnic baskets and groups of mates decked out in bright colours streamed in and claimed their spot on the hill. Even the lions perched themselves high in their enclosure ready for the action.

Melbourne DJ collective Wax’o Paradiso provided the beats from the stage as champagne bottles were popped, dip lids were torn off and Sakatas were munched and crunched, ready for the evening feast in the setting sun.

It was an extremely wholesome atmosphere. One that given the giant picnic feel of the setting – with small kids running around and elderly couples sharing cheese – felt a bit strange for a gig about to be doused in hedonism. In fact, “Do they know who Confidence Man are?”, could be overheard every now and again from younger ones in the crowd clearly ready to party.

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But as Paradiso left the stage and the two veiled instrumental band members of the group, Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie, walked out, it seemed every person up to the age of 30 rushed to the front to form a sort of dancefloor-inspired mosh. Well, almost everyone under 30 – there was one very small child who fought for prime possy perching herself on dad’s shoulders.

Next to appear was Janet Planet and Sugar Bones dressed in white and black respectively. They came out to a roaring applause that only increased when they launched into their first banger of the night, ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’.

Planet addressed the crowd, “Does it makes you feel good, Melbourne?”. And it was fair to say the crowd were revelling in the boost of serotonin, hearts filled and hands high.

The group’s hit song, ‘Bubblegum’, was played early on with Planet’s sugary vocals filling the outdoor air. No-one stopped singing for the next number either, ‘Better Sit Down Boy’, with the crowd catapulting into the chorus. And just like anyone who’s seen the dance band perform live, the front pair’s dance routines are certainly worthy of envy – Planet and Bones filling the stage with their energy and effervescence.

As was also expected, the leading duo left the stage for some costumes changes. The first reappearance was to perform the fan favourite, ‘C.O.O.L. Party’ with Planet rocking an extravagant light-up bra and Bones in an opened floor-length white shirt. It was during this number that Bones also popped a bottle of champagne, dutifully dousing the crowd in its bubbles.

Then during ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’, the pair got the crowd to physically get down and squat ready to pop up and dance out all the kinks when the beat dropped.

To wrap up Planet exclaimed to the crowd, “We love you so much”, with Bones joining in to sign off, “Save the Pigmy Possums, we love you so much” (the fundraising focal point of this year’s Zoo Twilights).

All in all, this was just a bloody great time and the perfect way to kick off Zoo Twilights 2020.

Highlight: Planet’s light-up boobs. We have no choice but to stan.

Lowlight: The few guys who were ‘too cool’ to squat down with everyone else in ‘Boyfriend (Repeat). Smh.

Crowd favourite: Planet and Bones’ wildly impressive dancing. That and maybe the champagne shower from Bones.