Wilco to to venture into uncharted waters with new album Cousin, releasing next month

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Wilco to to venture into uncharted waters with new album Cousin, releasing next month

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The album's first single, Evicted, delves into themes of lost love and self-inflicted wounds, resonating with Marc Bolan-inspired guitars.

On September 29, Wilco is set to unleash their highly anticipated new album, Cousin, worldwide on dBpm Records. But that’s not all – the band has a treat in store for all of us: head over to the preview link for their lead single, Evicted, to get a sneak peek of what’s in store.

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Frontman Jeff Tweedy reveals the inspiration behind the album’s title: “I’m cousin to the world. I don’t feel like I’m a blood relation, but maybe I’m a cousin by marriage.” With production duties handed over to the talented Welsh artist Cate Le Bon, Cousin marks a significant shift for Wilco, the first time they’ve collaborated with a producer outside their immediate circle since Sky Blue Sky.

Le Bon’s distinctive influences, such as saxophone melodies, cheap Japanese guitars, and a cinematic New Wave-style drum machine, propel Wilco’s sound into the future. The result is their most poignant and evocative album to date, breaking free from the confines of our present moment and exploring new musical territory.

The collaboration between Wilco and Le Bon was serendipitous. After meeting at the band’s Solid Sound Festival in 2019, they formed an instant connection, leading Tweedy to invite Le Bon to The Loft, their renowned Chicago studio, in 2022. There, Le Bon pushed the band to take risks, challenging their established strengths and encouraging them to defy musical habits while preserving their signature fearlessness and musical virtuosity.

“Cate is very suspicious of sentiment, but she’s not suspicious of human connection,” says Tweedy, reflecting on Le Bon’s direction. Under her guidance, Cousin became an exploration of deeper emotions, unveiling a colder and more nighttime-inspired atmosphere while maintaining the earnest quality of Tweedy’s lyrics and voice.

Tweedy explains, “I guess I was trying to write from the point of view of someone struggling to make an argument for themselves in the face of overwhelming evidence that they deserve to be locked out of someone’s heart.”

Wilco Cousin tracklist

  1. Infinite Surprise
  2. Ten Dead
  3. Levee
  4. Evicted
  5. Sunlight Ends
  6. A Bowl And A Pudding
  7. Cousin
  8. Pittsburgh
  9. Soldier Child
  10. Meant To Be

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