What your favourite Melbourne night spot says about you

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What your favourite Melbourne night spot says about you

Words by Arielle Richards

Do you hang out at any of these popular Melbourne night spots?

Melbourne’s many nighttime activities offer an abundance of choice for everyone involved. You have your bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, parks, park benches, gelaterias, cinemas, skateparks, must I go on?

But when the sun settles itself over the horizon and the street lamps come alive, where do you go? Where do you find yourself? This may come as a shock, but, your favourite spot in which to while away your night says it all about you.

Paradise Alley

The vast appeal of this hotspot makes it difficult to nail down a specific clientele. You could be anything from a craft beer bro, casual inner-north bar-hopper, to mixology fanatic. You are the quintessence of a person who is out for a drink at nighttime, whatever that means.

Shady Lady

Frozen piña coladas, tecates with divine verdita and lovely staff to top it all off – if Shady Lady’s your go-to, you have excellent taste. I could say more here, but to be honest, I’m jealous of you. They’ve been at capacity every night since lockdown lifted, and I’m absolutely pining for a piña.

The club

If the club is your favourite night-time spot, chances are you’ve managed to fill the void with something else whilst it’s on hiatus. Maybe you’ve turned your living room into a dancefloor on a few occasions, made tuning in to livestreams a passion, or developed a strong affinity for SoundCloud during these times. Perhaps you’ve sampled the pizzas now being served at Colour, or, perhaps, you’ve transferred all your latent boogie energy to some other activity, like running or macrame. I hope you’re doing ok!

Cinema Nova

You’re a traditional, and you know what’s good for you. Why blow cash at a venue, sitting around watching randoms getting pissed around you, when you could be watching a delectable film, in the dark, getting pissed on red wine and margaritas? That’s right, Cinema Nova is one of the most under-appreciated bars in the city. Did we forget to mention the menu a la carte? Choc tops, vegan popcorn and an extensive lolly bar… fine dining who?


Let’s continue on the Carlton trend while we’re here. If your idea of a night out on the town involves a stop-in at Pidapipo, well, we don’t blame you. There’s nothing wrong with fabulous ice cream against the romantic ambience of little Italy on a summer evening. Hell, that’s everybody’s dream right? Perhaps that’s something to contemplate as you wait twenty minutes in line to make the dream a reality.

Rooftop Bar

You like your perfectly stirred cocktails with a side of city skyscape. You’re fancy. You might have good taste in music. Maybe you’re new in town, taking the ‘rents out for a drink, or just visiting. Maybe you just know that all drinks taste better when you’re closer to heaven – six floors up to be precise.

The Tote

You love any form of rock music. Wearing a leather jacket, red lipstick and flayed jeans, The Tote is your home away from home. Thank fuck it’s back open.


You like to splash your cash. Southbank offers a range of nice watering holes with a view, plus those wild flame tower displays that, seemingly out of nowhere, just happen. According to Google, the Gas Brigades Fire Show shoots the world’s largest fireballs into the sky. Fun, hey? It’s almost comforting to know that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, somewhere out there, the world’s largest fireballs are being shot into the sky, right here in Melbourne town.

Marquis of Lorne

On your weekends, you like to make the trek to the north side. It’s always worth the $20 Uber home, with so many fabulous bars, pubs and restaurants to choose from. The Marquis is your favourite because you like a venue which offers all three in one – pub experience downstairs, incredible dining on the middle floor, and a rooftop bar up top – with a great local vibe to match.


It’s not a good night unless it’s 1am and you’re ordering your third plate of oysters, right? Missing those long, luscious nights you spent in some rural European town on your gap year, sipping Aperol Spritzes and picking at antipasti ‘til the sun came up? The lack of reception in the venue helps take you back in time, or was it all those negronis? Wake up! You’re in Brunswick East, it’s three in the morning and you haven’t moved from your loveseat in hours. It’s bedtime.

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