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Florida born and bred quartet We The Kings are quite simply dominating the playfully up-beat realm of powerpop.

Florida born and bred quartet We The Kings are quite simply dominating the playfully up-beat realm of powerpop. In fact, it could be said that they are the latest ‘kings’ of the genre (excuse the painfully obvious pun). In the ‘States the band have released two successful full-lengths, taken over the stage numerous times at the ever-popular Vans Warped Tour and have even been awarded the key to their hometown of Bradenton – not exactly the usual accolade awarded to a bunch of young musos.

"After our first record was released and had done so well – it was in every CD store in Bradenton, our hometown, and really all over the country – the mayor offered us the key to the city," frontman Travis Clark offers, by way of explanation.

"It still boggles my mind, though, because it is just such a crazy thing. Not many people get awarded the key to the city; I think we were only the fourth ones to ever get the key to the city of our hometown, but I just think they were really proud of us as kids."

Yep, the town and the mayor sure were proud. But it seems that the eccentric red-headed lead singer is also quite proud of We The Kings and their unique achievement, as to this day he wears a symbolic key around his neck everywhere he goes. "I wear a key around my neck, but not the actual key to the city, it just represents it," Clark explains openly. "My mum wouldn’t let me wear the real one because she thought I would lose it," he admits, laughing. "That’s my embarrassing mum story (revealed)."

But the symbolic key holds its own significance, and Clark, the band and the key have travelled all over the US, across the UK and now, for the very first time, they have reached our shores.


Here for the somewhat iconic Soundwave Festival, the lads are finally taking a proper shot at making a solid name for themselves in the Australian market. Their 2007 US single Check Yes Juliet has made its way onto our airwaves and the boys made sure they were well prepared before starting out on their adventure Down Under – even if they did still bring with them some interesting preconceptions.

"At first when you hear Australia, and think of playing in Australia, it’s kind of an ignorant thought, but you just feel like there are going to be kangaroos all of over the stage and like huge spiders," he divulges. "But, to be honest with you, I think these are going to be shows that we will absolutely never forget. I think this is going to be one of those times where when I get older I can tell my kids, ‘Your dad went to Australia and he did all this stuff and really just lived the dream over in a completely different country so far away from home’."

And even though most Australians have just been introduced to this dynamic four-piece and only had a taste of their debut single, We The Kings have album number three and a special acoustic album well underway. And apparently, album three is set to be something of theatrical proportions…


"I think it is going to be a very dynamic record and I really want it to sound like a movie score," he enthuses. "I want it to be something where you have really dramatic parts, you have exciting parts, and you have the down parts, so you can listen to the whole record without having to skip a song – you want to listen to the whole thing because it just flows so naturally."

Sounds as though us newbies to the group have a lot to look forward to.


WE THE KINGS are playing the sold out Soundwave Festival at the Melbourne Showgrounds this Friday March 4 and a sold out show at The Hi-Fi on Soundwave eve, Thursday March 3. Their debut self-titled album and their sophomore album Smile Kid are both out now on S-Curve Records.