We chat to Pablo Francisco before he brings the laughs to Melbourne

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We chat to Pablo Francisco before he brings the laughs to Melbourne


Getting ready for a chat with comedian Pablo Francisco can prove a little tricky. Mainly because he’s got friends like Mark Wahlberg and The Terminator in tow, and with Francisco, you never know who you’re going to get.

With a unique talent for spot-on impressions and off-the-wall bits, Francisco’s brand of stand-up comedy gives audiences a taste of his vivid imagination, unapologetic insights and witty charm.

Francisco speaks with an unmatchable energy that leaves you smiling so much your jaw hurts. “I’m looking forward to coming to Australia, it’s a beautiful place, it’s the hippest crowd in the world. It’s like hanging out with your family,” he says.

“It’s hard to get a girlfriend sometimes and if I were to buy a house in Australia I’d have to keep on flying her over. We’re looking forward to it, we’re just going to mess around, make fun of people, goof off, make fun of Mark Wahlberg. He’s in every single movie now, isn’t he? He won’t stop.”

One for a diet of Mountain Dew and Skittles, a conversation with Francisco requires a lot of energy and a great sense of humour. And if you have neither of those things, a chat with the comedian will likely induce them.

Asking him about how people react to his particular brand of comedy, which involves various personas and characters makes his already broad grin even greater. “The thing is, it’s a little bit of what they call ADD, but I call ADD, EFG, HIJK, LMNOP.

“I’m always practising, trying to keep fresh – if you get me when I’ve just woken up then maybe I’m a bit slower. But no coffee for this kid; I’m basically always having fun, I’m always excited. And when people try and talk to me, I can [low tone] go into this voice or [higher tone] I can go into this voice, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about getting the point across, I’m a happy guy so it’s not so difficult.”

Already oozing positivity, once Francisco hits Aussie shores for his tour, he has a whole new bag of tricks to get the crowd laughing (if you weren’t already). “We’re going to be working on a new hour,” he begins frantically. “[We’ll] put some of the old hits in there – we’ll do all the Transformers movies, you guys pretty much experience everything we do over here thanks to the internet so it’s basically internet, comedy, sex, drugs and Pab-a-lo. That’s what we should call it. Might as well do it.”

With such an accolade of excitement and fun, it’s interesting to pull Francisco up on his remarks about the internet, the idea of globalisation being great fodder for his material. Being such a rambunctious character, one wonders if Francisco is ever concerned he’ll hit the wall of controversy with any of his jokes.

“Sometimes I do. Now it’s all political with Donald Trump and stuff, it’s a big vicious circle. Everyone’s pretty much intelligent on the planet so if any controversy comes to it…I don’t really try to anger anybody, I just make fun of people that put things out there.

“If you’re going to put things out in front of me, if you’re going to put something in magazines all the time; Caitlin Jenner, the Kardashians, all these reality shows, you’ve got to make fun of those. A lot of people see it one way and I see it a different way. We have to make fun of those things, especially reality shows; there’s more reality in reality shows, so there’s so much cable and different musicians to make fun of. We’re all looking forward to it.”