Warg presents Stef Mendesidis

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Warg presents Stef Mendesidis

Stef Mendesidis spent his youth in Thessaloniki where he got fascinated by the early-days techno sound atlocal raves. This determined his future path.

Sharing the scene with the most notable techno artists, he mastered his techniques and eventuallydeveloped his own recognizable sound. Nerd in grain, Stef sharpened his self-education by diving deep intothe analogue essence of sound. Playing on 4 decks and using miscellaneous drum loops of his ownproduction, Stef creates techno on the go, always leaving space for contextual improvisation.

In sound production Stef Mendesidis uses a technique of one-take recording, staying loyal to the principle oflive techno creation. He possesses a true synthetic approach transforming his inner feelings, images andideas into sound patterns. His music is released on such influential labels as Klockworks and Projekts.Nowadays Stef is shaking dancefloors of the most significant techno clubs, and his gigs are always a blast.His shows are a pure reflection of straight-forward outbreaks and never-ending dynamics that provide agenuine one-of-a-kind experience to passionate ravers. Known by his long-lasting closing sets, Stef can playup to 10 hours in a row and still preserve the maximum interest of a listener. His highly energetic sets areable to immediately make the dancefloor look like it’s midnight prime time.