Video premiere: Raechel Whitchurch frees herself of anxiety with the country-tinged ‘Don’t Be Afraid’

Video premiere: Raechel Whitchurch frees herself of anxiety with the country-tinged ‘Don’t Be Afraid’

Words by Tom Parker

It’s the fourth single from the songwriter’s upcoming debut album, Finally Clear.

Having released the first three glimpses of her debut album, Finally Clear, Raechel Whitchurch has just lifted the lid on the album’s final teaser.

New single, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, is the next cathartic tale from the impending release, an avenue of liberation for a songwriter afraid of a creative trek that once laid ahead of her.

Specifically, the song represents Whitchurch’s journey to her first album – one initially filled with fear and anxiety. As she conceptualised what was becoming of Finally Clear, her husband was a vital creative inspirer, jumping in to help Whitchurch with incomplete lyrics and disoriented inspiration.

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“I usually play my new my songs to my husband, Ben, soon after I write them, so I asked him to have a listen. The first line of the song was, ‘the sun’s going down’ and he said, ‘why don’t you make it a bit more positive and start with the sun’s coming up?” Whitchurch says of her husband’s influence.

“Suddenly, we were writing the song together! Our first co-write! Ben had all these great ideas around the language for the verses, and what started as quite a negative, mournful song, became this message of hope.

“The genesis of the song grew from my anxiety about entering the studio for the making of the album and we wrote it just a few weeks before we were due to start.”

‘Don’t Be Afraid’ comes alongside a new video clip, which was directed by Whitchurch and Chloe Mottau, and edited by Brad L. Spencer. The clip, which sees Whitchurch explore a heritage homestead in Sydney’s inner-west, marries the song’s optimism and ambition.

“I shot the music video for ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ in a beautiful old house in Ashfield, NSW,” Whitchurch continues. “It felt like we were shooting in a mansion from another time, and that was exactly the sort of imagery I wanted to use for the song.

“‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is all about taking a chance, chasing your dreams and not knowing what will happen next, and spending the day in this beautiful house and garden captured the essence of the song perfectly.”

So, what’s to be of Finally Clear, Whitchurch’s debut album dropping on Friday April 16? We wait with plenty of anticipation.

Check out the new video below.

‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is out on Friday April 9. For more on Raechel Whitchurch, head to her website and Facebook page.