Video Premiere: Mild Orange’s backyard acoustic ‘This Kinda Day’

Video Premiere: Mild Orange’s backyard acoustic ‘This Kinda Day’

Words by Lucas Radbourne

New Zealand's internet-cult sensation Mild Orange are back with a new video for 'This Kinda Day'

The worldly indie Kiwi dream-pop band share a brand new backyard acoustic video for ‘This Kinda Day’, building on the internet-cult following that has reached fans from Cairo to Cape Town, Lima to LA, Seoul to Sydney, London to Ulaanbaatar,  giving them close to 50 million YouTube views alone.

‘This Kinda Day’ features one of frontman Mehrtens’ most personal lyrical and songwriting contributions to date.

What you need to know

  • Mild Orange release a backyard lockdown acoustic video for ‘This Kinda Day’
  • Kiwi band have racked up 50 million views on YouTube
  • It’s about their singer’s battle with pleurisy last year

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“I was recovering from pneumonia and pleurisy back in October 2020, which nearly wiped me out and left me sick for about six months,” he says.

“With sickness came a period where I experienced an inability to do what I love, and it meant we had to cancel some of our biggest shows to date and some important radio and TV appearances.

“The disappointment in myself, and letting down others (the band, fans, people involved) weighed heavy on me and sent me downward. But it turned out that my friends, family, and fans were all super supportive and gave me strength.

“To me, this song represents a lot of growth in perspective, and I’d love to share that appreciation with others in hopes that it might help some not go down a dark path alone.”

Formed in 2018, Mild Orange are made up of childhood mates, frontman Josh Mehrtens and lead guitarist Josh Reid, with bassist Tom Kelk and drummer Jack Ferguson.

Together they create summer-bummer psychedelic rock, known for a relaxed and buoyant sound.

When asked about the meaning behind their name – Mild Orange, they shared: “The colour orange sparks optimism, and a stimulation of warmth and happiness. Mild, well ‘cause we’re not too over the top with it.”

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