Video premiere: Hana Rosé’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ is an enchanting, ethereal trip

Video premiere: Hana Rosé’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ is an enchanting, ethereal trip

Channelling Kehlani and Brandy, the track is sultry, slick and utterly hypnotic.

Melbourne-based singer Hana Rosé has unveiled the lead single lifted from her forthcoming EP. Titled ‘Home Sweet Home’, the single explores the ‘honeymoon period’ of a new relationship.

Inspired by the likes of Kehlani and Brandy, ‘Home Sweet Home’ is a sultry R&B number led by smoky vocals and soft, layered harmonies.

You feel like home sweet home“, coos Rosé against a wash of laidback beats. Understated yet utterly hypnotic, the track draws you in with its slick, rhythmic melody before hooking you completely with its catchy, repetitive chorus.

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Drawing from her Maori heritage, the film clip for ‘Home Sweet Home’ sees Rosé embodying Polynesian dance techniques against stunning scenic backdrops.

Primarily choreographed by Boy Roro, who also appears in the film clip, with help from Rosé, the dance sequences mimic the fluid movement of two lovers whose bodies move in sync.

Melding natural landscapes with vivid colours to create an ethereal, enchanting aesthetic, the film clip is a visual delight that perfectly complements the track’s floating, otherworldly vibe.

Watch the film clip for ‘Home Sweet Home’ below. 

‘Home Sweet Home’ is out today. For more from Hana Rosé, check out her streaming platforms or follow her on Instagram