Victory Over the Moon

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Victory Over the Moon

Victory Over the Moon is a dance around the visions that arise in moments of crisis, when time seems to move differently – either speeding up or slowing down in unexpected ways.

Three bodies anatomize the dreams and delusions that manifest out of necessity and move into focus, like a jackpot that decisively leaps out of a bank of thousands of other memories.

In this new experimental choreographic work, co-commissioned by Next Wave and Chunky Move, Nana Biluš Abaffy and long-term collaborators Milo Love and Geoffrey Watson create a world of embodied imaginaries you are going to remember.
But whatever you do, don’t press the red button.

About the artist

Nana Biluš Abaffy is an artist with a background in philosophy and a foreground in experimental performance and dance. She is interested in the pursuit of knowledge through embodiment and wants to know what her body is looking for.
Nana Biluš Abaffy, Milo Love and Geoffrey Watson have worked together across different projects for nearly 10 years including 2018 Keir Choreographic Award Finalist Post Reality Vision.