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More seriously though, he admits to a few things: “well, I have released three full studio albums – Melodrama (2004), Wise Cracks (2006) and Destination Unknown (2009). There have also been lots of EPs and other releases on various labels as well as some compilations, remixes and collaborations. Right now too, I’m currently working on two new EPs that will be split and released separately. The first will be a part one style of thing; and then later on, in something like a few months I will release part two. So more information will come out about this very soon, but I am excited about it and I must say, it’s going to be massive so people should stay tuned for that one!”

That said, Stas wants to keep his options open and isn’t one to be drawn on what he has lined up for any performance, let alone his gig in Melbourne – but there is a vibe and a spirit that permeates into each of his sets.

“I guess the question of what I’m going to play will be best answered on the 22nd of June in Melbourne – and you can always check my soundcloud page for new material. The link is located at I really want to bring the sound from my country and showcase it Down Under. And for us too, the scene in Israel is going through a great phase. We are having great parties almost every day of the week in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area and at least the last few of them have had international DJs playing, so yeah it is definitely a great time for the local trance scene in Israel.”

He does give a little away, in relation to what we can expect from him though: “I like to play mostly my own stuff when I play a DJ set, and then only my own stuff when I play a live set. The scene around the world has changed quite a bit lately; in some countries things have gone down a bit but in others, the scene has grown a lot more. For example, recently I played some gigs in places I hadn’t played before and they were pretty cool; but in general, I am being invited to play at many new places that I haven’t played at before. Australia is a good one too!”

Also, Stas reflects on some of the cool experiences he has had over his career in the dance music world. He knows his runway is long – and there is plenty more for him to see and do – so he is settling in for the long haul and looking forward to playing a role in the evolution of the scene not just in his native Israel, but also wherever he takes his message. “To be honest, I believe I have seen pretty much anything you can just imagine. I’ve been to and played at some calm and chill parties as well as some that were much wilder as well. What excites me is when the dance floor reacts in this kind of wild sort of way to the music I play. And then you see everybody go crazy. Other times, I love it when I see people raising the flag of my country as a way of showing support at the gigs.”

So in between what he describes as ‘the usual stuff’ like spending quality time with family and friends, there isn’t too much that occupies his time outside of his love and infatuation for music. “I don’t have as much time outside of music as I would love to have,” he says. “But that doesn’t matter,” Stas chimes as he seemingly changes tack. “It is my first visit Down Under so I’m really excited to be coming down there. You can expect a powerful yet colorful set that will include a bit of everything, some of the harder and the softer tracks and some of the more classic hits as well as some of the new and upcoming unreleased material. Connect with me at Facebook slash Vibetribe!”