This Melbourne artist is performing a two-hour DJ set to soundtrack the Summer Solstice

This Melbourne artist is performing a two-hour DJ set to soundtrack the Summer Solstice

Image by Greg Rakozy
Words by Tom Williams

The stream will coincide with a once-in-a-lifetime astrological event that will see Saturn and Jupiter meet in the night sky.

Revered Melbourne DJ and producer Uone will be broadcasting a DJ set to coincide with the 2020 Summer Solstice and the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Streaming from his Ranch-O-Relaxo gardens on the Mornington Peninsula, the Rainbow Serpent regular will be bringing you over two hours of curated tunes to soundtrack the astrological phenomenon.

The great conjunction happens every 20 years when the two biggest planets in our solar system, Saturn and Jupiter, meet in the night sky. Although this is a relatively regular occurrence, in 2020 the two planets will be within 0.1 degrees of each other. They haven’t been that close from the naked eye in nearly 800 years.

Already the planets can be seen moving closer together as the sun sets in the west, but on Monday December 21 their closest proximity will also coincide with the Summer Solstice.

This unique astrological situation gave Uone the opportunity to put his own crafts and expertise to good use. As a festival veteran, Uone regularly takes his audiences on transcendent journeys – his ability to manifest an exploratory dance continuum is proven and so we anticipate what Uone will produce in line with astrology.

Immersive deep house tracks will no doubt prevail throughout, but viewers can also expect Uone’s experimentalism to shine. Recently releasing his new album The Lone Wranglers in collaboration with Sydney-based producer Western, he’s become inspired by the music and aura of Western movies – recollections that could certainly permeate the set.

Catch Uone’s Summer Solstice set from 8pm on Monday December 21 streamed via his Facebook page.

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