Untitled Goose Game Live

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Untitled Goose Game Live

Join everyone’s favourite goose in a very special live concert performance.

Untitled Goose Game Live projects the award-winning Melbourne-made game onto our cinema screen with live accompaniment by musicians from Orchestra Victoria.

Bring the family along as our horrible goose creates chaos, calamity and hilarity in a small village, with a new arrangement of Dan Golding’s soundtrack created exclusively for this performance, featuring works by classical French composer Claude Debussy. During the game, the musicians will react live to the actions of the player, making for a one-of-a-kind experience for fans of the hit videogame.

Following the performances each Friday, explore sound design and music in videogames in talks that also include advice for students passionate about music and videogames.

Saturday features a relaxed performance designed for visitors with ASD and sensory sensitivities.