Unprecedented times: Bunnings’ famous snags are now a whole dollar more expensive

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Unprecedented times: Bunnings’ famous snags are now a whole dollar more expensive

Bunnings sausage sizzle

Lowest prices aren’t just the beginning anymore - Australia’s most iconic charity fundraiser has felt the burn of inflation.

Man, things have gotten expensive recently. We’re living in a world where a handful of shredded lettuce is treated like a delicacy finer than caviar and filling up your tank costs more than a plane ticket to Sydney. It seems like Bunnings have felt the burn of these price hikes too – they’ve fallen victim to the horrible surge of inflation and increased the humble snag from $2.50 to $3.50.

What you need to know

  • The famous Bunnings sausage has gone up in price from $2.50 to $3.50
  • It’s the first price hike for the humble snag in 15 years
  • Good news: the drinks have stayed the same price and added onions are still free (phew)

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Having supplied punters with tasty sausages for a quarter of a century now, this marks the first time that the sausage has gone up in price in the last 15 years. A not-for-profit initiative, the sausage sizzle that operates out of Bunnings on the weekends sees all of their earnings going to charity. With the prices of ingredients continuing to rise, the margin between the cost of the ingredients and the donations to charity were just getting too slim. 

Providing grassroots community groups a simple, easy and effective way to raise much needed funds, the Bunnings sausage sizzle has been a staple of Australian culture for more than 25 years. The $2.50 price point has remained more or less unshaken since 2007, but the rising cost of bread, sausages, onions, sauce, oil and drinks have all risen significantly, unfortunately. So, next time you’re at a Bunnings, bring an extra dollar. 

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The price change comes into effect from July 23. Find out more about the history and impact of the humble Bunnings sausage sizzle by heading to their website here.