United 3D & PHD: Joining The Rave

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United 3D & PHD: Joining The Rave


“You can expect to hear some quality trance, hard trance, techno, tech trance, hardstyle and of course some ol skool classics and anthems from Melbourne’s finest.” United has all the bases covered with a line-up of newcomers and veterans including ACT-based globetrotter Nomad, Calvinator vs Skeata, DJ Hellraiser vs Pila and Gatty vs Chris Dynasty. Brendan and Luke will even be getting in on the action themselves on the night. In addition all the DJs involved, with the exception with Nomad, will be playing back to back sets. “So it’s bound to create an awesome vibe behind the decks!”


The only criteria for selecting the DJs were a shared vision and attitude toward the rave scene. “With the exception of a few DJs that weren’t available to play, we believe that we have just about every worthwhile DJ in Melbourne on the line up. This party is not so much a showcase for superstar DJs, but more a celebration where we can all unite as one and party for the good of our scene. We believe in supporting the newer generation as well offering the experience from the older guys. Always makes for a better party. Experience, knowledge and the right motives all help in producing a quality party. In this case, two heads are even better than one, and so United is born.” The old-meets-new theme isn’t just reserved for the performers either. The veteran duo is also looking to bring a retro rave vibe to the presentation of the event. “There will be plenty of crazy stuff going on, perhaps a stall or two. There will be stacks of giveaways throughout the night, icy poles, lollies, CDs, glowsticks, balloon animals, fruit platters & plenty of kandy. All the things that used to make a real rave party.” They want to take things back to a time when the DJs and punters were equally integral to the atmosphere of an event.


Despite their lengthy careers, Brendan and Luke are not too far removed from the hungry young upstarts they were several years ago. Currently operating under the respected PHD (Pure Hard Dance) brand, Brendan first began earning his stripes in the 90s on both the commercial and the underground dance scenes. After winning first place in several scratching and mixing contests he earned a contract with the Queensland Super Club. Luke meanwhile got started a little later, in the early 2000s with a focus on the progressive and hard house sounds. It was when he discovered trance however that he found his true calling. He now works with 3D nightclub and PHD.   


The logistics of coordinating such a high concept event would be a headache for a novice. Not so for Brendan Soul-T and St Luke. The fact that these two promoters have paid their dues, earning trust and respect in the rave scene plays a big part. As far as the 41 DJs are concerned everybody is on their game. “The DJs are given their set times and seldom miss their gigs or even turn up late for that matter. The hype and excitement these brands generate make them parties that DJs want to play at.”


The music industry is known for its highs and the lows, being a very cyclical beast. This is something that both Brendan and Luke have experienced first-hand. “There was a gradual decrease in love and respect amongst some promoters over the years. The motive for this party has been to show the scene that together we can unite for the better to bring back the love and respect we all deserve.” The duo almost feel like it’s their duty restore some love to the rave scene, in the grandest way possible. “We think as a result of the constant rising pressures for promoters in the rave scene, some of the love has been lost. It’s become a dog eat dog world for some promoters. There have been a lot of new brands and parties emerging and failing as a result. Although there hasn’t been a lack of parties, there has definitely been a lack of good parties.” That’s where United steps in.

If this event doesn’t sound like a ballsy enough venture, Brendan and Luke are looking to do it all over again in the coming future. “The motive for this party has been to display a sense of love and respect for the scene, the future of our scene and each other. We would like to think that the coming together of these two brands will form a brand in itself leading by example with more United parties to come, bringing back the love and respect the rave scene was originally built on.”