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On Sunday afternoon January 15, you won’t want to be anywhere other than Bodriggy in Abbotsford. Playing two shakra-aligning sets to wind you back up for a big Monday, Ultravibralux will set a smile on your dial and put the pep back in your step for the week to come.

Cooked up in the deep nether regions of Melbourne’s storied underground, Ultravibralux bring to the stage an entrancing synergy of heavy-dripping funk, psychadelic fuzz spook and intoxicating jive. Salacious percussion, spanky strings and infernal brass form the backbone and the frontbone of the ‘Lux. With arrangements both lofty and tense, Ultravibralux aim to take you on journeys both celestial and lascivious. Described as the soundtrack to a porn star robbing a bank, Ultravibralux are sure to stir things up down deep inside and deliver a delicate aural fondle to the nether regions of your brain. Get down to this show and don’t die wondering…