Tuck Shop Ladies: In Real Life

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Tuck Shop Ladies: In Real Life

This event is part of the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Dating online? Fallen in love with your trackies? Wondering what to do with that shitty pen or just how the hell you fold a fitted sheet?

Strapping on a pair of ukuleles, Australian folk music darlings, Sam Lohs and Rosie Burgess, aka the Tuck Shop Ladies, sing their way through these, and others of life’s conundrums, with sublime harmonies and much ridiculousness. Their live show is an insight into the relationship of touring musicians and the result of what happens when everyday life is a Broadway musical.

Having played a huge number of festivals across Australia, Canada and the United States, the pair are no strangers to engaging with audiences large and small. Renowned for the joy they bring to the stage, alongside their innate musicality, the Tuck Shop Ladies do not disappoint.