Tour Ramsay Street before ‘Neighbours’ comes to an end

Tour Ramsay Street before ‘Neighbours’ comes to an end


Explore the set of Australia’s long-running soap opera one last time, before the iconic show ends forever.

After 37 years of drama unfolding every day, the sun is setting on Ramsay Street as Neighbours comes to an end. With the final episode going live on August 1, get one last glimpse of the iconic Ramsay Street in a day of laughs, drama and joy. The Official Neighbours Tour gives fans exclusive access of Ramsay Street, including the studio backlot, where you can see Lassiter’s Complex, Lassiter’s Lake, Fitzgerals Motors, the Waterhole, Harold’s Café and the backyards of the houses. A tour guide is provided, who will provide insider information and behind-the-scenes gossip in this exclusive tour of the exterior set.

What you need to know

  • As Neighbours comes to an end, the Official Neighbours Tour will too
  • See Ramsay Street one last time before the final episode airs on August 1
  • With tours running every Sunday, the final tour takes place on July 31

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An Australian staple of television, Neighbours was first broadcast in 1985. Centering around the lives and loves of the people who live on the cul-de-sac of Ramsay Street, in the fictional Victorian suburb of Erinsborough. Since then, it has gone on to be one of Australia’s most successful international exports, becoming even more popular in the United Kingdom than in Australia. The shooting takes place in Pin Oak Court in Vermont South, with the residents allowing the production to shoot external scenes in their yards.


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The tour of Ramsay Street lasts three and a half hours and runs every Sunday until July 30. The final tour takes place on July 31, the day before the episode airs. The tour will depart from the Immigration Museum at 11am and returns to the city at 2pm. The Official Neighbours Tour costs $115 for adults and $105 for children.

Grab your tickets before the final credits roll on Neighbours by heading here.