Totally Mild : Her

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Totally Mild : Her


The second album from pop quartet Totally Mild is something they should be immensely proud of. Her begins with the daydream-esque ‘Sky’. It’s a delectable, pensive track that begins the album’s journey perfectly. Vocalist Elizabeth Mitchell’s voice induces goosebumps and draws you in with soft and delicate tones.

‘Pearl’ amps it up a notch – the jangly guitars are bound to have your head nodding and your body swaying. ‘Working Like A Crow’ hits home emotionally, with Elizabeth Mitchell crooning that she can’t do it on her own, a sensation we’ve all experienced at some point.

The mood throughout the album rises and falls, continuously hitting close to home. ‘Lucky Stars’ bringing the mood and tempo back down through a stunning piano ballad. After the pensive state Totally Mild have evoked, they bring listeners back up – hitting hard with the punchy and a little bit funky ‘Today Tonight’.

‘Underwater’ is the calm after the storm, the reverberating notes sending you into the depths of the sea. Ending with ‘Down Together’, Mitchell serenades delightfully. Her is a genuine treat that inspires and sinks in deep.