Tonight Alive proved that they’re still a force to be reckoned with

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Tonight Alive proved that they’re still a force to be reckoned with


It’s the people that come in to enjoy a drink or a good band that make those rooms come alive. So when you book an alt-rock juggernaut like Tonight Alive, back them up with female-led powerhouse acts like Terra and The Beautiful Monument, and throw them into one of those small rooms, you know you’re onto something huge. And that’s exactly what Tonight Alive’s Melbourne performance was; absolutely freaking huge.

It was Terra that led the charge, brimming with energy and managing to get the crowd focused on them for a lot of their set. Usually, it’s the opening bands that give only a sample of what will go down later on in the night. What we got instead was an incredibly enjoyable and competent band, with a sound good enough to go places.

Next, The Beautiful Monument took the stage, and they pulled absolutely no punches. Building on the already solid foundation, they ran with their recent album I’m The Sin, bringing a heavier, chaotic energy that was welcomed with open arms by a room that was pretty amped already. You could’ve walked away happy at that stage. But good things come in threes, everyone knows that.

My friend and I wondered what songs we would hear for Tonight Alive’s set, reminisced about listening to The Other Side back in high school and complained that the setup was taking too long. My limbs ached at that stage. I forgot that they were when the curtains parted and Tonight Alive, member by member, took the stage. The opening riffs of ‘Lonely Girl’ hit the crowd like a punch, and just like that, all complaints washed away. Everyone screamed both the song lyrics and their lungs out, and the crowd became an ebbing and flowing mosh, pushing this way and that. Album favourites like ‘The Ocean’, ‘How Does It Feel?’ and ‘The Other Side’ held the crowd in an ecstatic wave of moshing and waving arms, with the gaps between songs dotted with little monologues and musings from frontwoman Jenna McDougall, which added a surprising but interesting addition to a set that had the entire floor moving like a stormy sea.

The band finished off with a master-stroke, their newest single ‘Temple’ and McDougall deciding that an impromptu crowd surf was in order. From beginning to end, the crowd lapped up every single word, every single riff and mic throw, and it was obvious that the band was excited to be back. There wasn’t a single moment wasted, and it was a night nobody was willing to forget anytime soon.

Highlight: Having years of high school memories take the wheel when ‘Lonely Girl’ kicked into gear.

Lowlight: Copping an elbow to the head during Jenna’s final crowd surf.

Crowd Favourite: Having Tonight Alive back on home turf once again.