Tom Gleeson – Good One

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Tom Gleeson – Good One


The show is vaguely divided in two, with the first half focusing on current affairs. Gleeson sees through political bullshit and tells it like it is. His opinion on the media is both entertaining and relevant. He watches Channel 9 news every night, just “to check that it’s still shit”.

Gleeson’s views on news angles are nothing less than hilarious. Gleeson’s identifies the ‘no bullying’ campaigns that continuously arise in the media and likens their effectiveness to a hypothetical ‘no murder’ campaign. And don’t get him started on the Royal Wedding.

“It’s harder to be up yourself and work at Coles, than be down to earth like Prince William”.

The show’s second half ranges in subject matter, but is based around growing up and family. Gleeson proudly declares he is now a father (a trait that he often forgets is quite common), and that he successfully “bred himself out”, giving his daughter a thick mop of dark hair, rather than his own orange mane. One of the show’s finest moments is Gleeson describing his infant daughter as a mini-lesbian, and that he plans to raise her that way.

Gleeson is at the top of his game. He knows how to slam down hecklers and remains in control of the stage for the full sixty minutes. Good One attracts an incredibly varied audience of all ages – according to fellow comedian Josh Thomas, “the type of people you’d see at a bus stop.”