Tom Cashman: Graphs

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Tom Cashman: Graphs

This event is part of the Comedy Republic 2022 Replay Festival.

You’ve seen him weekly on The Project, and now comedian and prolific TikTok graph guy Tom Cashman has a new solo show.

The show features, surprisingly, graphs, stories of being recruited for reality TV, letters from crazy neighbours and more graphs.

Imagine a line graph where the X-axis is time. The Y-axis? Your happiness. The red line (which represents you, whoever’s reading this, not coming to the show) is flat. The blue line (you coming to the show) skyrockets whenever you attend. Visualise the blue line rising, and the red line (boring) not moving at all. If we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s not to argue with the data.

Tom Cashman has a long list of TV credits these days including Question Everything, Celebrity Letters & Numbers, Planet America, Australia Debates, and Tonightly.

In 2021’s lockdown, Tom was forced onto TikTok, where he’s racked up more than 100K followers and 30 million views. Cashman has previously toured his live shows around the country, to Edinburgh Fringe, and been part of the Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festival Roadshows touring here and overseas.