Today’s top picks for Melbourne Music Week 2017

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Today’s top picks for Melbourne Music Week 2017


What better way to start the working week by indulging in a bit of live music? Here are today’s top picks for this year’s cracking Melbourne Music Week program. 


Starless is a multi-sensory and immersive live-scored virtual reality experience that blurs the line between reality and dreams. Each session runs for 15 minutes a piece and can accommodate up to four people at a time. Prepare to leave your body behind. 

Read more about Starless here in our feature interview here. 

Jack’s Jukebox 

Fine whiskey and smokehouse flavours come together with the pop-up installation of Jack Daniel’s Barrel House. Today, their ‘Jack’s Jukebox’ experience comes to the fore as they set up shop for an eclectic mix of sounds and Southern hospitality. As for the rest of the week, expect sets from DIET., Dorsal Fins, The Hard Aches, and more. 

Good Morning 

Spend an afternoon at The Carpark of St Paul’s Cathedral for a free set from acclaimed psych pop duo Good Morning. Free music on a sunny Melbourne afternoon? You can’t get much better than that. 

Acapella in the Cathedral 

A one-off performance going down exclusively for Melbourne Music Week will see a stunning acapella showcase of Hero, Hayley Foster (Tanzer), Helena Plazza, Julie Montan (Lovers of the Blackbird/Soft Rubbish), Lucy Roleff, Marcella Wright and Stella Angelico perform vocal arrangements from works by local female and gender non-conforming songwriters. All this in the sublime acoustics of St Paul’s Cathedral.