To Be Frank

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To Be Frank

A horrifying comedy about a monster thrust into creation and trying its best to discover why.

It’s alive! Meet Frank, the freshly animated being. He’s dying to meet you and leave you in stitches. The good kind.

‘TO BE FRANK’ follows the journey of a curious creature ‘Frank’ who discovers and reacts to the audience in a new and organic way each night. A modern reimagining; blending clown, physical comedy and horror with live music and sound effects.

This is a raucously fun, delightfully thrilling and incredibly human solo show. Bringing into question loneliness & love, creation & destruction and ultimately how to cope with the emotional intensity of being alive. ‘TO BE FRANK’ is a journey of epic proportions – but here, the ‘monstrosity’ finally gets to tell its own story.

Don’t miss the most absurd, thrilling and hilarious thing you’ll see this Fringe. Indulge the horror, indulge your inner clown, indulge the naive monster inside us all.

Let Frank be frank.