TISM’s Damian Cowell launches crowdfunding campaign to support new solo double album

TISM’s Damian Cowell launches crowdfunding campaign to support new solo double album

Words by Tom Parker

The project has been three years in the making.

Frontman of beloved rock bizarros TISM, Damian Cowell, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get his new wildly-ambitious solo project over the line.

For the last three years, Cowell has been working on a new double concept album, animated graphic novel, musical and YouTube series and it’s become apparent that the revered vocalist doesn’t quite have the pennies to finish it off.

As such, Cowell has launched a crowdfunding campaign, calling on his fans to help him out. He’s aiming to reach $10,000 and if he does, he’ll have the cash to launch the double concept album and YouTube series. If he gets to $20,000, he’ll add on the novel and musical on top of that.

The project goes by the title, Only The Shit You Love, and Cowell has also prepared a trailer that flaunts the absurdity of his “fucked up vision”.

“Three years ago, songs started appearing in my brain like spam in a junk folder – but this time I thought I’d try something a little harder than a straightforward album. Why not sauce them up with an overarching concept?” Cowell says on his Pozible page.

“Someone should have stopped me there… but no – vaulting ambition o’er leapt itself: it became 20 little vignettes, joined together by four sub plots, umbrella-d over by one big story.

“Someone really should have stopped me there… but no. I was already looking at not one album, but a double album. Twice as much work. Twice as expensive to record. But that wasn’t enough for Mr. Smartypants here. I wanted to tell the story visually, as well as musically.”

So Cowell came up with the idea of a musical and animated graphic novel to accompany the double album. Then as the Cowell’s untamed imagination continued to run its course, he furthered the concept even further. And now Cowell hopes to manifest a multi-episode YouTube series as well.


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Check out Damian Cowell’s Pozible campaign here.

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