Tim Vine : The Tim Vine Chat Show

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Tim Vine : The Tim Vine Chat Show


Tim Vine is the king of dorky dad jokes. The kind of jokes that are as ridiculous as they are clever. The kind of pun-tastic play on words that make old men laugh like a little girls, and there was certainly a lot of that. Vine started the show witha  quick half hour of rapid-fire jokes. Initially he tried maintaining some sort of structure, using each punch line to lead in with the next, but with a little momentum Vine went off-script and let his imagination run wild.

As expected, Vine finished with crowd participants joining him on stage for the chat-show style segment. Unfortunately the selected participants weren’t generally funny but Vine’s quick-witted banter kept things lively. He impressively used their stories to lead into more random jokes.

The only downside to Vine’s style of humour was that the jokes came too quickly in too little time to remember them all. The only proof you have of hearing them is that your sides will be aching from laughter.