Tim Batt compares sizes in new show, ‘My Outrage Is Better Than Your Outrage’

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Tim Batt compares sizes in new show, ‘My Outrage Is Better Than Your Outrage’

Tell us about your show. We are the generation of outrage. This show is about that. Also, I’m bringing a drum kit all the way from New Zealand and I can’t even play the drums good. Also, what are those kids up to over there?

What inspires you about MICF? Melbourne is such a wonderful melting pot of people and performers from all walks of life which is awesome. Seriously, that kid is looking at me real f***ing weird. Is that a boy or a girl? They’ve got purple hair?!

What’s a fun fact about the show? There is almost no way for me to recoup the costs it’s taken to buy a beautiful kimono, drum kit and flying said kit around New Zealand and Australia. That’s fun! Hey, someone needs to talk to that kid. Can we get a cop over here?

Can you describe the journey of creating a show? I opened my show in my home town of Christchurch, which is a great city in the South Island of New Zealand, it was cold. Officer, thanks for coming. That kid is up to something and I’ve been watching them for a while.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this year at the festival? I’m definitely looking forward to seeing my kiwi mates at this year’s festival. Go kiwi! Hey, I don’t care if they’re not doing anything! They’re looking at me real weird. Don’t get me, get them! I’ve seen these punks here before. They’re huffing fly spray!