Thursdays w/ OJ KUSH

Thursdays w/ OJ KUSH

Each month, a feature residency hums in Bodriggy’s old mechanic shop, traversing different genres from bluegrass, soul, disco, electronica and more.

Find a spot in the corner booths, mingling high tables or right at the front and dip into the sweet intersect between beer and bands or dinner and show.

OJ KUSH was formed to celebrate the unique and innovative experience that arises when musicians come together and exchange musical expression in the spirit of improvisation. Their sound is made up of multiple musicians, combining organic sounds with modern twists resulting in unique one-off performances. The traditional band drummer is replaced by drum machines & programmed loops which enable a variety of styles & sounds and form the basis of the overall performance rhythm. You can expect Jazz, funk, hiphop, boogie & house when in the presence of OJ KUSH.

4/3 Melo Felo
11/3 Taijae
18/3 Darcy Justice
25/3 Dr Condiments